About Me


Melissa, Owner

I'm a Certified Groomer who received my training from West Coast Grooming Academy. I'm also Pet First Aid and CPR certified through PetTECH. I have always had a love for animals and have four dogs of my own. Rest assured that your pup is in good hands and will be treated as one of the family. 


My Fur Babies

Cody is a 15 year old Keeshond. He's a sweet boy who loves to spend his days relaxing on the couch. Skylar is an 8 year old American Eskimo. She's a great watchdog and is very protective of her human family. Uzi is a 2 year old Mini Pinscher. She's a snuggler and a lap dog and loves to jump in bed and burrow under the blankets. Holly is a one year old Pomeranian. She's a feisty girl who has no problem showing the other dogs who's boss. 


Star of the Show!

Small but mighty, Holly has a mind of her own and is the inspiration for my business. She can be tempermental, especially if you disturb her nap time, but she brings me joy every day.